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Privacy, Liberty, and the Search for Truth in Milton (Introduction)

                                                         he unobserved Home to his mother’s house private returned                                                          –Paradise Regain’d IV.638-9   A Note About This Blog: When I set out a bit over a year ago to write blog posts about Milton once a month or … Continue reading

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Close Reading from Far Away

“For solitude sometimes is best society, And short retirement urges sweet return.” (PL , IX.250-1)   I went to the Catskills to read in silence, to pore over a text I love and let it pour over me, to let … Continue reading

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Find Him Eyeless in Gaza

Last night, October 14th, I had the pleasure of attending a dramatic reading of Samson Agonistes (directed by Michael Sexton) at the Red Bull Theater in Greenwich Village. Milton himself wrote that his  dramatic poem “never was intended” for the … Continue reading

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Defenseless Doors: Milton and Restoration Studies

Captain or Colonel, or Knight in Arms, Whose chance on these defenseless doors may seize, If ever deed of honor did thee please, Guard them, and him within protect from harms; He can requite thee, for he knows the charms … Continue reading

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John Milton and “A Royal Issue”

As I write this, the world (or at least the 24-hour news channels) waits breathlessly for Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, to have her baby. Yesterday, I was momentarily befuddled by a headline on one of the supermarket magazines that … Continue reading

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Outward Show Elaborate: Dryden’s “State of Innocence”

For some time now, I’ve planned to post about some recently released Milton-related music. Former Husker Dü drummer Grant Hart’s new album The Argument, based on Paradise Lost and an unpublished William S. Burroughs’ science fiction story Lost Paradise, releases on 22 … Continue reading

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Paradise Lost and the Tour de France

Through an article in the Guardian, I found this exhibit of James Straffon’s posters commemorating the 100th Tour de France. To celebrate the 100th Tour de France, Straffon remixes images from the past 99 Tours using John Milton’s Paradise Lost as … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Milton and His Daughters

A couple of months ago I had the privilege of taking students in one of my electives to the New York Public Library’s Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. We were there to see some Shakespeare materials, but I can never visit the … Continue reading

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Dear Dad, I Hate to Inform You, But…

Now if it has happened that I have been born a poet, why is it strange to you that we, so closely joined by the loving bond of blood, should pursue related arts and kindred ways of life? It is … Continue reading

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Much Writing, Many Opinions: A Review of John Leonard’s Faithful Labourers

Faithful Labourers: A Reception History of Paradise Lost, 1667-1970, John Leonard. Oxford. 853 pp. 2 Volumes. May 2012. ISBN 978 0 19 968180 8   The challenge for any reception history of a great poem is to give due coverage … Continue reading

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