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They Also Serve: VP Biden Deploys Milton

Every so often, Milton crops up in ways that surprise even the most dedicated Miltonist. In remarks at a “Joining Forces” event on 30 April, Vice President Biden quoted Milton as he honored military families: But it’s not just about the returning … Continue reading

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Milton, Star Wars, and the Ever-Evolving Blog

This week, along with many of my readers, I’m in the end-of-semester grading crush. As I grade each essay in this unending stack, I try to keep in mind this passage from Areopagitica: Books [or student essays] are as meats and … Continue reading

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The Blackest Grain: Milton, Gunpowder, and the Right to Bear Arms

Today, after a Senate vote on gun control, the New York Review of Books revived interest in Gary Wills’ article comparing America’s obsession with guns to the worship of Moloch. Originally posted on December 15, 2012, “Our Moloch” invokes Milton’s Paradise … Continue reading

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