A broad and ample road, whose dust is Gold
And pavement Stars, as Stars to thee appear,
Seen in the Galaxy, that Milky way
Which nightly as a circling Zone thou seest
Powder’d with Stars.
                                      – Paradise Lost, VII 577-81
Newest Astrophotos:

27 September 14: M31, The Andromeda Galaxy. Not enough exposure time to really get a lot of detail, but I’m pleased with this unguided photo. Three different processing results are displayed here:

My first deep space photo in many years, courtesy of getting a new mount. Unguided, composite R,G,B exposures (~50x10sec). Scope wasn’t particularly collimated and there was a super moon, so it isn’t great. But it is first light.


M13 – The Great Hercules Cluster.

 Older Astrophotographs:

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