Paradise Lost and the Tour de France

Through an article in the Guardian, I found this exhibit of James Straffon’s posters commemorating the 100th Tour de France. To celebrate the 100th Tour de France, Straffon remixes images from the past 99 Tours using John Milton’s Paradise Lost as a framing device. The exhibition is titled 100e and is on display at SNAP in London until 27 July.

My favorites include “Pandaemonium” and “The Verdurous Wall of Paradise.”

The Verduous Wall of Paradise

The Verduous Wall of Paradise

However, as a cancer survivor with some continued mixed feelings about Lance Armstrong, I also find number 91: “Of Darkness Do We Dread” very powerful.


Of Darkness Do We Dread

The use of lines from Paradise Lost is often coy (as in the Verdurous Wall) or can be quite obvious. They are always interesting.

-David A. Harper, 7 July 13

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