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Much Writing, Many Opinions: A Review of John Leonard’s Faithful Labourers

Faithful Labourers: A Reception History of Paradise Lost, 1667-1970, John Leonard. Oxford. 853 pp. 2 Volumes. May 2012. ISBN 978 0 19 968180 8   The challenge for any reception history of a great poem is to give due coverage … Continue reading

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“Thir Song Was Partial”: Milton and Partisan Political Discourse

Thir Song was partial, but the harmony (What could it less when Spirits immortal sing?) Suspended Hell, and took with ravishment The thronging audience. With the end of semester rush, my musings have been more occasional than I intended. Granted, … Continue reading

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Would John Milton Defend Your Freedom to Print a Gun?

By now you’ve probably heard about Cody Wilson’s fully functional, 3-D-printer-produced handgun. Last weekend, Wilson successfully test fired the “Liberator,” and posted its design on his non-profit company’s website. A 25-year-old student at the University of Texas Austin, Wilson is fond of … Continue reading

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The Weekend in Miltonia: Jamaica Kincaid, Paradise Lost, Tyranny, Injustice, and Marathon Readings

You are not you, but—in your mind’s eye, something bigger than you is going on.                     – Jamaica Kincaid on invoking myths in everyday life.* Great (and surprising) Milton references keep rolling… last week, I wrote about how Vice President Biden referred … Continue reading

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They Also Serve: VP Biden Deploys Milton

Every so often, Milton crops up in ways that surprise even the most dedicated Miltonist. In remarks at a “Joining Forces” event on 30 April, Vice President Biden quoted Milton as he honored military families: But it’s not just about the returning … Continue reading

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